Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I <3 Vampires


So in my other blog No Boundaries I already posted about I <3 Vampires.
But I thought I'd do a follow up here in this one.

Now if you didn't know already I <3 Vampires is a popular series on
This isn't like a regular show.

Instead of a bunch of writers and thumbs up the fans give em dictating the way the show goes.
Its up to the fans to submit their own skit or piece of advice to swing the vote.
And it just takes a few comments and ratings to make that submission into a brand new episode.
Which is pretty awesome.

Hokie so the show is about two best friends: Corbin and Luci.
Who are two very obsessed fans for life of a book series called Confessions of a High School Vampire. AKA: Confessions. They call themselves confessors.

Now when they leak a few chapters from the upcoming 5th book the author not only seeks out to find the culprits and charge them criminally (making them fugitives) but also refuses to finish the book.

So the two friends set off on a wild adventure (accompanied by their annoying but adorably cute neighbor Wyatt whos also their ride around California) to mend the damage and beg for forgiveness.

I'm not going to give away anything because lets face it: That would ruin the curiosity in you.
So go check it out for me and tell me what you think!

I on the other hand watch it like clock work.
I give it 10 duckies on a scale of 1 to 10.

Goodnight, Ollie.


Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince


So, when the first Harry Potter book came out I'll admit.
I was weary. I didn't even read it. My brother AJ did. And when I saw how fascinated he was I quickly stole his copy of the book and read it for myself.
Since then I've been utterly and hopelessly hooked on every word.

So when they announced they'd be making movies out of the very series I was inlove with I almost fainted from the excitement.

6 movies and 7 books later and I can't help but be completely over joyed and humbled about every single release.

Now I know the movies have tweaked some things here and there.
Harrys scar.
Hermiones teeth.
So on and so forth.
Basically those are little things we can look past and say okay whatever.

But in this movie they've left out a lot.
Just like in the Order of the Phoenix.

But I wont get into it cause I'll go on and on and frustrate myself all over again.
I gotta tell ya, even though they did mess up in this one I still loved it.
Draco (played by Tom Felton) was incredibly yummy yet again.
And Ginny finally took on a mind of her own instead of sitting in the shadows since the second.

From the use of unforgivables to the tweaked yet got-the-point-across ending it was really enjoyable. Course I went and saw it with my brother and friend Jose.
Unfortunately we had to sit up in the front row with annoying idiots behind us clicking their tongues and muttering stupid commits which clearly showed their immaturity but nevermind them.

I give the movie 7 duckies on a scale of 1 to 10.
Sorry, maybe when they come out with Deathly Hallows they wont leave one crumb of info out.
Or tweak it in anyway, shape or form.

Goodnight, Alice.


The Hangover


Now, while I have never been drunk, don't drink and don't see the point in ever having needing to do so I will admit this movie had me laughing the whole way through.

It started out with the bride-to-be(Tracy played by Sasha Barrese) being informed that her soon to be husband(Doug played by Justin Bartha) is missing by one of his best friends(Phil played by Bradley Cooper).

You would've thought he'd gotten cold feet, second thoughts and split.
But as the screen changes scenes and lets you in on the 2 days earlier you see a bigger picture.
A dorky brother-in-law (Alan played by Zach Galifianakis)
who clearly has no idea what personal space means.
Or that wearing revealing underwear when your a man is not sexy. Its disturbing.
But the man is funny.

A whimpy doctor named(Stu played by Ed Helms) whos occasionally beaten up by his psycho girlfriend who needs to take the broom out of her ass and bite down on a lemon for a while.

Now, Doug is not present in the movie except for the beginning and end. Other than that its his friends trying to find out what the hell happened the night before. Unfortunately after a lost baby (With no collar). A stripper named Jade. Some run ins with a flamboyant Asian gang member. Angry cops with no brains what so ever and Mike Tysons fist do they remember what happened to Doug.

Course Im not going to give out the ending but it was well worth the entangled hilarious plot.
I highly recommend it and give it 10 duckies on a scale of 1 to 10.
(Yes, I am grading everything by way of duckies. Their my fav. Sue me.)

Goodnight, Dodger.